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0212 416 41 17 05524654460 İstanbul / Türkiye

İdil's wholesale slippers


is at your service with all men's and women's slipper models. Hundreds of products, with our wide range of models; we produce and sell wholesale slippers.

İdil's slippers are producing high quality and fashionable slippers according to your orders. We produce all kinds of women's slippers, men's slippers and children's slippers, ballet and sandals and wholesale slippers

 whole sale slippers 

With 20 years of experience in wholesale slippers, we produce all kinds of polyurethane-based slippers, sandals and ballet flats. From Istanbul-based slipper production and wholesale of slippers to upper uppers, we manufacture slippers within our structure, including embroidery, and bring together both affordable prices and quality. We also sell wholesale slippers, uppers, and embroidery. We produce the model slipper order you want without the quantity limit Our wholesale slippers manufacturing and sales continue without slowing down; and it is offered to our customers. You can contact us on 0552 446 44 60 for Istanbul wholesale slippers.

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